Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When should my equipment be calibrated?
A. The calibration term is determined by the customer and is based on the instruments accuracy, manufacturer’s recommendations, frequency of use, and customer’s procedures.
Once you establish your requirements, we maintain a database for the purpose of notifying you when instruments are due.

Q. How do I send my equipment to your facility?
A. Depending on location, equipment can be dropped off or shipped using an available courier. We can return your equipment using your courier account or shipping can be prepaid and charged.

Q. Will I be advised of costs for repairs/calibrations beforehand?
A. A written quotation will be issued via fax or email to advise that repairs were determined during the initial assessment of the equipment. Repairs will not proceed without customer confirmation of the costs.

Q. Is a purchase order (P.O. #) required before repair/calibration is performed?
A. We do require a written approved purchase order prior to commencing with repair/calibration of the equipment(s).

Q. What are the payment options?
A. Payment terms for those with an account are Net 30 days. Invoices unpaid after 30 days may be subject to financial charges and credit verification. We also accept all major credit cards – Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discovery, and Electronic Transfer Funds (ETF).
Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discovery, ETF


Contact our knowledgeable team with any questions about our service, calibration standards, or to arrange for prompt calibrating or repair of your important equipment.

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