Our Calibration Facility Provides Accurate Results with Quick Turnaround

For calibration, rely on our trained team to get you back up and running as fast as possible. Our typical turnaround time for calibration service is 7-10 days, we also offer “Express Service” (at an additional fee, some restrictions apply).

NIST Traceable Documentation

Our commitment to documentation means that you will have the appropriate paperwork for all the equipment Calibration Technologies Ltd. services available at the time of inspection.

A Certificate of Calibration/Inspection is issued for each Unit Under Test and provides detailed information of the UUT, such as manufacturer, model, serial number accuracies, AS FOUND/AS LEFT results, etc.

All equipment is evaluated prior to calibration to ensure it is in proper operating condition. If the equipment requires repair or service you will be notified and presented with a quote.

Commitment to Quality Backed by a 90 Day Warranty

Get expertly performed calibration and service backed by a 90 day warranty (excluding parts) when our professional team services your equipment in our ISO-9001 certified facility.

90 Day Warranty
Warranty Notifications

Get Notified When Your Equipment is Due for Calibration

Rely on our extensive customer database that we maintain in order to notify you when your instruments are due for calibration.

Contact Us Today for Calibration Services

Contact our knowledgeable team with any questions about our calibration facility, or to arrange for prompt calibrating or repair of your equipment.


Contact our knowledgeable team with any questions about our service, calibration standards, or to arrange for prompt calibrating or repair of your important equipment.

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